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14 Tháng Sáu 201812:54 SA(Xem: 4465)
CHECK IN TO SIGN UP ONLINE NOW. Hello Parents and Campers, This year we have created an online sign-up sheet. This can be completed on a computer or phone and will make registration a lot easier. Attached to this email is the online sign-up sheet. Bodhi Youth Summer Camp Sign Up Pleasesign up before Jun 22 2018 Thank you Cuong Pham : 612_723_0821 or ​
23 Tháng Mười Một 20161:03 CH(Xem: 4514)
"Trong mỗi giây phút, chúng ta sẵn có nhiều cơ-hội hơn là chúng ta nhận biết.
09 Tháng Chín 20162:06 CH(Xem: 3400)
My topic today is the role that meditation can play in facing issues of pain, illness and death – not a pleasant topic, but an important one. Sadly, it's only when people are face-to-face with a fatal illness that they start thinking about these issues, and often by that point it's too late to get fully prepared.
09 Tháng Chín 20162:01 CH(Xem: 3143)
When a person enters the final stage of the dying process, two different dynamics are at work which are closely interrelated and interdependent. On the physical plane, the body begins the final process of shutting down, which will end when all the physical systems cease to function.
09 Tháng Chín 20161:59 CH(Xem: 3289)
Contemplation and meditation on death and impermanence are regarded as very important in Buddhism for two reasons : (1) it is only by recognising how precious and how short life is that we are most likely to make it meaningful and to live it fully and (2) by understanding the death process and familiarizing ourself with it
09 Tháng Chín 20161:47 CH(Xem: 3305)
Buddhism is a widespread and varied religion with many sects and schools. Since its history is perceived somewhat differently among the various schools, I will use the dates and accounts of the formation of Buddhism accepeted by most scholars.
09 Tháng Chín 20161:44 CH(Xem: 3221)
Soon after Buddha's death or parinirvana, five hundred monks met at the first council at Rajagrha, under the leadership of Kashyapa. Upali recited the monastic code (Vinaya) as he remembered it. Ananda, Buddha's cousin, friend, and favorite disciple -- and a man of prodigious memory! -- recited Buddha's lessons (the Sutras).
09 Tháng Chín 20161:36 CH(Xem: 3268)
An ancient maxim found in the Dhammapada sums up the practice of the Buddha's teaching in three simple guidelines to training: to abstain from all evil, to cultivate good, and to purify one's mind. These three principles form a graded sequence of steps progressing from the outward and preparatory to the inward and essential
09 Tháng Chín 20161:23 CH(Xem: 3342)
I would like to say a few words in introduction about the practice of meditation. Many people throughout the world, in the West as well as the East, are very interested in meditating.
09 Tháng Chín 20161:18 CH(Xem: 3404)
At our meditation retreats, yogis practice mindfulness in four different postures. They practice mindfulness when walking, when standing, when sitting, and when lying down
09 Tháng Chín 20161:15 CH(Xem: 3156)
In this chapter we will look at the steps of the Noble Eightfold Path that fall into the group known as mental development. We have already noted the interdependent nature of the steps of the path, and in this context it is particularly important to understand the position of mental development.
09 Tháng Chín 201612:23 SA(Xem: 3323)
Seekers of goodness who have gathered here please listen in peace. Listening to the Dhamma in peace means to listen with a one-pointed mind, paying attention to what you hear and then letting go. Listening to the Dhamma is of great benefit.
09 Tháng Chín 201612:22 SA(Xem: 3295)
By Ajahn Brahmavamso. A truly helpful and sophisticated manual of meditation written by a monk with deep and wide-ranging experience.
03 Tháng Sáu 20169:15 CH(Xem: 3042)
Today, large numbers of men and women from diverse backgrounds throughout our world are following the Teachings of the Buddha. So who was the Buddha and what are His Teachings?
03 Tháng Sáu 20168:53 CH(Xem: 3546)
I am honored to be with you today at your commencement from one of the finest universities in the world. I never graduated from college
03 Tháng Sáu 20168:49 CH(Xem: 4496)
As long as we follow a spiritual approach promising salvation, miracles, liberation, then we are bound by the "golden chain of spirituality."
03 Tháng Sáu 20168:45 CH(Xem: 3613)
That genial face has become familiar across the globe - almost as recognizable when it comes to religious leaders, perhaps, as Pope John Paul II.